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As a UI/UX Designer, I am driven by a passion for creating visually engaging and user-friendly designs that bring products to life. With over 6 years of industry experience, I have honed a deep understanding of user interfaces, user experience design, and crafting meaningful experiences for users. Proficient in Figma and Adobe Creative Suite, I seamlessly collaborate with developers and marketing teams to deliver successful designs across various B2B and B2C projects.

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Now, let’s talk about my design process. At the core of my work lies the mission to create a simpler and more connected world. This starts with a thorough understanding of the problem at hand, along with the potential audience and competition. By aligning business goals with user objectives, I shape the functionality of our product. This approach ensures that every design decision is purpose-driven and results in a seamless user experience.

experience highlights

One remarkable achievement in my career was working with a beauty brand to develop their comprehensive online platform. I took on the responsibility of designing and building an engaging platform for online courses, establishing websites for four salons, and developing a tablet application for feedback and appointment scheduling. The outcome was truly outstanding, as the company experienced remarkable growth and gained international recognition. Building on this success, we even expanded our services to offer website design solutions to the brand’s students, further extending their reach and impact.

Another highlight in my journey was collaborating with a delivery company, leading the creation of a fully comprehensive order management system. This involved developing a customer application, a dispatcher management system, an application for delivery personnel, and a responsive website. Through this project, I truly showcased my ability to approach design from a holistic perspective, ensuring that the needs of various user groups were meticulously analyzed and appropriately addressed.

These achievements attest to my capability to consistently deliver outstanding design solutions that drive tangible results and exceed client expectations. I continuously strive to combine my expertise in UI/UX design with my insights into psychology and content creation, resulting in experiences that resonate deeply with users and make a lasting impact.

accomplished highlights

  • Designing responsive web layouts, including captivating landing pages and e-commerce websites.
  • Crafting information architecture, wireframes, and interactive prototypes that meet corporate objectives while providing exceptional user experiences.
  • Effectively communicating design ideas to team members, stakeholders, and clients.
  • Delivering comprehensive product documentation and graphic elements to support seamless collaboration.
  • Designing eye-catching social media posts to drive awareness and promotion for e-commerce, podcast, and fashion websites.
  • Creating user-centric mobile applications for sectors such as food delivery, travel, and appointments.
  • Identifying UX issues through thorough audits and facilitating efficient hand-offs for our engineering team to ensure quick development.
  • Developing impactful brands for national and international companies in the beauty and food delivery industries.
  • Championing project organization and team know-how through the implementation of procedures and questionnaires for Customer Briefings, Usability Testing, Personas Creation, and Business Brand Development.

But wait, there's more! Here's a glimpse into my skills and competencies:

These values are based on my personal experience, how much I feel I have mastered the knowledge of the tools that I use to do the respective task, how much I think I know in that area, and my confidence that I could use these skills.

Usability testing 70%
User research 80%
Information Architecture 60%
Design Thinking 70%
User Interface Design 90%
Creativity 95%
Communication 80%
Problem solving 90%
Vector illustrations 60%
Animations 50%
Video editing 50%
Marketing 50%
HTML coding 20%
UX Writing 60%
Prototype 80%
Brand Development 95%
Workshop facilitation 100%

tools i used:

Collaboration is at the heart of my design process. I believe in working closely with my clients to bring their vision to life authentically. Together, we can create unforgettable digital experiences!

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