Branding Museums from Constanta

Project branding Museums from Constanta.

We have 5 museums in Constanta, but unfortunately, don’t have a representative logo and customized products that could be purchased as souvenirs.

I want to change this an I’ll start with this logos.

This project will be presented to city hall and I hope to be accepted. Because although the institutions could continue without branding, I believe that a logo is a good start for a better relationship with those who want to visit the city. We can make them have more reason to return to this city and explore the museums, the events it can offer and the nice gifts.

Each logo has elements that show that the museums are bound by belonging to the same city, but have different items depending on the specific of the objects they display.

The museum of folk arts has as symbol a girl dressed in the Romanian traditional costume.

The museum of navy has as symbol ship.

The museum of history has as symbol the snake with a wolf head and tail (Romanian Dacian symbol).

And the museum of sculpture Ion Jalea has as symbol “The Archer” a sculpture made by Ion Jalea.

The museum of art has as symbol an easel.

Each symbol has some stripes that make them resemble with statues (objects that are usually exhibits in a museum).

I hope you enjoy what I have achieved!

The museum of folk arts


The museum of navy

The museum of history

The museum of sculpture Ion Jalea

The museum of art