Prototype for Mobile Design

What is it?

It is a real product, a magnetic prototype kit for mobile app but it can be used on also on a magnetic board to create a prototype for a web page.

What does it contain?

It contains over 70 cards with a magnetic back and a metal mobile phone mockup

Each card is different in size and content. Some of the cards are in multiple copies (4 copies maximum).

On the card you can find

  • Pictures for: people, products and others. In different sizes and shapes.
  • Content (text) with the button to see more or not.  In different alignment and sizes.
  • Video elements
  • Audio elements
  • E-commerce elements: products in shopping cart, product properties, buttons for shop, the stage in which you are in the process of buying and others.
  • Social media buttons
  • Menu types
  • Menu bar up different types
  • Down bar: buttons for next page, scroll element and others
  • Mobile keyboard
  • Weather elements
  • Map elements

These product it will help you explain to your customer the design for an app or site and it will also be useful for the entire working team to explain the ideas for the final site.

How can I get it?

Complete this form and I will send you the set at the price of

25 Euro (with all the transport)


BEST OFFER you can buy this set (Mobil mockup kit) + Personas Set + Fonts set + Pallet set at the price of 50 Euro (with all the transport)


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