Terms and conditions

1. Website responsibility

This blog is managed by Amzu Andreea Laura and the owner of the website www.andreea.design. As an administrator, I reserve the right to change and update this website’s content and the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without prior notification. Therefore, please visit this section periodically.

The use of this site and its services is free, subject to the visitors’ compliance with these terms and conditions.

These rules specify how users can use the website www.andreea.design, and the relationships or possible problems that may arise are governed by the laws applicable in Romania and the European Union.


2. The right of ownership

The articles (texts+images) published by Amzu Andreea Laura are protected by laws regarding intellectual property rights (according to the legislation regarding copyrights). The reproduction of any written or illustrative material from these articles is strictly prohibited without the author’s prior consent.

The information in the articles published by Amzu Andreea Laura and the data from the advertising banners included in the website www.prietenulmeuvirtual.ro is protected by the laws regarding intellectual property rights. Visitors or members of the www.andreea.design site do not have the right to take, sell, reproduce or distribute materials from the www.andreea.design site without the site owner’s consent.

For non-compliance with these rules by some visitors or subscribers to www.andreea.design, Amzu Andreea Laura reserves the right to deny access to those visitors to this site.

The images and some of the icons used on this site belong to the public domain. Please contact me to fix the problem if there is an error.

It is necessary to read and accept these rules to use this site.

3. Terms of use

My virtual friend provides information for general information purposes. Although it will be tried as much as possible when publishing them on the site, all the notification is accurate, based on research, reliable sources, and specialized documents. And does not guarantee their accuracy at any given time.

The materials and information contained in this site are provided for general purposes, not accompanied by any kind of explicit or implicit guarantees.

www.andreea.design guarantees that the website, the servers on which it is hosted, or the e-mails sent by Amzu Andreea Laura, do not contain viruses or other potentially harmful computer components.

I do not guarantee that the use of this site will be uninterrupted or error-free by deriving from any provision of these terms and conditions to the maximum extent permitted by law. I cannot be responsible for the operation or availability of the site, regardless of the reasons or factors that led to its interruption.

I do not offer any guarantee regarding the users’ communication conditions, including the personal computer’s operating status. 

Accessing www.andreea.design is done exclusively by your personal will.

www.andreea.design is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the drafting or presentation of materials or information on the site. The published information corresponds to the reality at the time.

The admin reserves the right to modify the data on the site at any time. 

www.andreea.design does not declare, does not guarantee, disapprove, and does not assume any kind of responsibility regarding the external sites that contain links to this site. Any external site you visit due to accessing a link on www.andreea.design is not under the verification and control of www.andreea.design, and seeing the external site is done exclusively at your own risk.

4. Security

Carrying out unauthorized operations on this site and attempting to carry them out, namely abusive use, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification, and/or copying of information to sell it, or other such actions will be punished according to the law.

To secure personal data, access to these data is limited only to the data use conditions and persons authorized to process and encrypt them.

5. Personal data and confidentiality

According to Laws, www.andreea.design should administer in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide us about you, a member of your family, or another person you represent.

Data collection aims to provide www.prietenulmeuvirtual.ro users with quality information and services. Also, some of your data can be delivered to our collaborators:

Google Analytics – to keep track of the quality of the information provided by the blog, whether or not it is sought by visitors and how often this information is accessed (access is limited only to daily traffic statistics on the website)

MailerLite – newsletter system provider and newsletter subscription data storage (it offers services for collecting newsletter subscribers with unsubscribe options, deleting data from the blog upon request, sending the subscriber’s personal data – upon his request, and changing the conditions of data usage).

Hosterion – the hosting provider of the blog (data on the blog is stored, saved, and encrypted using these services)

WordPress – the platform on which this blog is built (this collaborator provides the basis of this blog (theme, the framework for both articles and forms, pop-ups, areas for ads, etc.)

Note: This blog does not provide information to third parties regarding the buying behavior used by Adds. Suppose the ads you receive seem specific to you. In that case, it is because this behavior is analyzed in the search engines used (Google Chrome, Yandex, etc.), social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), and other platforms that analyze personal preferences (Youtube, Amazon, etc.)

All the data collected following the registration on the website are processed according to the existing legal regulations.

6. Legislation

The terms and conditions of use are subject to Romanian and European legislation. If an agreement cannot be reached within the previously specified time, the competent court will resolve the conflict following the Romanian laws in force. In case of litigation, an amicable solution will be tried first. And within 30 working days from the complaint being registered at the official address of the blog www.andreea.design.


7. Newsletter

My virtual friend allows users to receive newsletters and alerts by electronic or classic mail. Offering the possibility that users can opt not to receive such notifications at any time with a single click on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter/alert.

The site only uses all information provided by readers when signing up for the newsletter. They send subscribers information about new articles, contests, accessible documents, and nothing more.

The confidentiality of the information provided by the reader is ensured. The list of personal data is not used for commercialization nor in a way that could violate the privacy of individuals.

For more information or complaints, you can contact anpc.gov.ro.

8. Reviews, comments, and other suggestions

Visitors can post comments and other types of content (suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or additional information). If their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invades privacy, violates intellectual property rights, or harmful to third parties. They are rejected if unacceptable and contain software viruses, political campaigns, commercial solicitations, chain letters, or any other form of “spam.”

9. Conclusion of the agreement

www.andreea.design reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and policies without prior notice. Therefore, you are asked to review regularly in this section to be aware of the changes made.

All the policies regarding the use of the blog are mandatory.

Regarding the personal information options, you have the right to grant only the options you want for their use (such as: keeping them for the newsletter, using cookies to improve, etc. Learn more about them in the Privacy Policy section confidentiality).