A Whimsical Portfolio of Illustrations!

Welcome to my Creative Wonderland


Step into a world brimming with colorful imagination, where stories come alive and characters leap off the page. I am thrilled to present to you my enchanting illustration portfolio, featuring a captivating storybook for kids and two delightful characters for playcard games.

tools & things i did

  • For design illustrations, I used Affinity Designer & Procreate
  • For book design, I used Canva
  • For inspiration colors I used: www.colorhunt.co
  • My style of characters is inspired by Disney (big eyes and reactions)

mica and the enchanted flower

Within the pages of my storybook, readers of all ages embark on thrilling adventures, immersing themselves in whimsical tales that ignite the fires of their imagination. In this magical journey, fantastical creatures and courageous heroes leap from the pages, beckoning you to join them in their extraordinary quests. 

This particular tale introduces you to an extraordinary cast of characters, all inhabitants of a mystical forest.

At the heart of the story is Mica, the adorable otter baby who sets out on a grand adventure. What makes Mica’s journey truly magical is the gift of a wondrous, mystical flower bestowed upon this pint-sized protagonist. Through the pages of my storybook, witness how this enchanted blossom transforms Mica’s world, leading to extraordinary discoveries and heartwarming encounters.

card game characters

But the fun doesn’t stop there! My creativity extends to the realm of playcard games, where two charming characters take the stage. These lively companions will enchant players of all ages, making every game session a lively and unforgettable experience. With their vibrant personalities and captivating designs, these characters add an extra dimension of joy and excitement to any gaming experience.


The characters are part of the Ogma family. A personal project, a brand focused on creating games and tools that help personal development.
The little man will represent the brand on social media platforms and can be dressed differently depending on the season. And his gestures are reminiscent of Mickey Mouse.

The fish is a character for a game called Stinky Habits, a game about habits that stop us from developing personally.

Whether you’re seeking a magical storybook to captivate young minds or engaging characters that bring playcard games to life, my portfolio offers a world of creative wonders. 

Let my illustrations transport you to a world where imagination reigns supreme and stories come to life. Together, we’ll embark on countless adventures, sparking joy and wonder in the hearts of all who encounter my enchanting creations.


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