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Self-development in the career has never been so simple.

The idea initially started in a Hackathon, and I want to expand it to something more pragmatic, a project that I feel would help everyone. From job satisfaction to employee retention in a company. Not just a job, a place where you can develop and contribute to something bigger.


The problem I am trying to solve is the dissatisfaction of the employees that leads to leaving the workplace.

I tried to find the answer to what creates a good relationship between employee and employer.

I found 8 traits that determine the development of both the company and the employee. For the employee, problem-solving, communication, leadership, motivation, self-improvement, emotional balance, organization, and helping others. For the company, it is delegation&resposability, communication, leadership, motivation, personal development programs, fairness&equality, management, and helping others.

We know that the employees of a company create the work environment, and the leaders have the most significant influence on the group. So, they are tested when it comes to establishing the company’s profile.

When a new employee comes, he must adapt to the company’s environment with specific values ​​and interaction styles. It is challenging to develop different weights ​​and types of interaction in the already-formed group. If you stay in a company you don’t like, you will be frustrated and leave.

Thus, the company loses a lot of money because it does not focus on the skills that create employee retention. And the employee is frustrated because he is in an environment where he cannot grow, develop and build relationships that motivate him.


  • I continue to learn about human nature, and I know that it will be helpful for me to create any application that considers its needs. I know people are complex and sometimes difficult to understand, but organizational psychology has already discovered what works. Why not use it?
  • Research on app competition
  • I used my knowledge and skills in psychology to think about tests and create profiles.
  • I used my skills of creativity, problem-solving, communication, design thinking, user research, UX & UI design, and app design.
  • This project contains: Branding design; Brand naming; Finding the skills on the basis which to match the company and employ, and at the same time creating the personal development plan based on skills and Management system for a company; Application for those who are looking for a job and want to develop their career; Career development system

app design for career development
app design for career development
app design for career development


Indeed, the acquired and practiced skills can help me in projects similar to this one. We have a lot to learn from our customers to make better products. And teamwork is what brings long-term results.

It is vital to consider the customer’s pain point when making a product, whether physical or online.

Feel free to share or like if you like my project. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more or work on similar projects.


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