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Looking for complete delivery service?Delivero is what you are looking for.

Deliv all is a project that integrates my experience in food delivery projects. And it contains all the elements that facilitate the delivery process.

Features: Appointments & Delivery, Integration with Google Maps, Search Option, Chat support, A security-by-design approach, Payments on app, Push notifications, Well-defined Hierarchy, Consistency, Managing system, Restaurants and deliveries data hosting

Audience: Location: Romanian people; Money for products/services: 10-200 $; Social media used: TikTok, Instagram, Youtube; Interests: food, entertainment, party, friendship; Pain points: essential needs (food & drinks); Motivation: fast service, quality, sincerity; Values: love, belonging, simplicity.


The main problem I am trying to solve in the project is to understand and help all entities involved in the delivery system. That’s why understanding the profile and establishing the most important functionalities is essential in this project.

In this case study, I used my experience gained from similar projects.

This project contains: Customer application; Application and CRM for suppliers; CRM for the dispatcher; CRM for restaurants and Account management CRM.


  • Research on apps and websites competition.
  • I used my knowledge and skills in psychology to think about users for this app.
  • Application design that takes into account UX and UI.
  • I used my skills of creativity, problem-solving, communication, design thinking, user research, UX & UI design, and app design.

Design Process


Key Findings:

  • Customers want to know the value of the delivery service (without hidden costs).
  • Customers want to know the status of their orders and how long it will take for them to arrive.
  • Visibility for restaurants, especially after the pandemic, has come to be strongly influenced by whether or not you are on delivery service aggregators.
  • A complete order management service for restaurants helps to maintain them in the system.
  • Deliverers want an integration with the road map as accurately as possible so as not to waste time on the road.
  • Deliverers need to maintain contact with the dispatcher in case of delivery difficulties.


In this stage, I created the user persona and defined the Design Problem while also seeing how could I go about addressing the concerns. Overall project goals were also defined aligning with the aim.

User personas

From the above information analysis from interviews and research, I created a solid user persona which further helped me define the goals and scope of the project. 


  • Online ordering: an easy-to-use online ordering platform for clients to order from restaurants.
  • Dispatching: dispatch delivery persons based on their location and availability, as well as the location and estimated preparation time of the order.
  • Real-time tracking: Using a GPS-based tracking system, the system should allow clients to track their orders in real time, from preparation to delivery.
  • Notifications: The system notifies clients, restaurants, and delivery persons to inform them of order updates, such as estimated delivery times or delays.
  • Payment processing: it allows clients to pay for their orders online and distribute payments to restaurants and delivery persons automatically.
  • Routing optimization: optimize the delivery routes for delivery persons based on factors such as traffic, distance, and time.
  • Reservation management: allow customers to browse available tables, select a date and time, and make a reservation, with the ability to modify or cancel the reservation if necessary easily.
  • Waitlist management: customers can add themselves to a waitlist if there are no available tables at the desired time, with notifications when a table becomes available.
  • Menu browsing: The app allows customers to browse the restaurant’s menu, with detailed descriptions and pictures of each dish.
  • Special requests: The app allows customers to make special requests or accommodations, such as dietary restrictions or preferences, special occasion celebrations, or seating preferences.
  • Loyalty and rewards: include a loyalty program or rewards system, allowing customers to earn points or discounts for frequent reservations or visits.
  • Reviews and ratings: The app allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for the restaurant, helping other customers make informed decisions and providing feedback for the restaurant.
  • Order management: The system allows dispatchers to manage orders with features such as order tracking, order assignment, and real-time updates on order status.
  • Driver management: The system allows dispatchers to manage their fleet of delivery persons with features such as driver assignment, driver availability, and driver performance monitoring.
  • Communication tools: The system allows dispatchers to communicate with delivery persons, such as in-app messaging, push notifications, or voice calls.
  • Analytics and reporting: The system provides analytics and reporting tools for dispatchers to monitor and optimize their operations, such as delivery times, order volume, or driver performance.
  • Menu management: The system allows restaurants to manage their menus with features such as adding or removing items, setting prices, and managing inventory.
design for app and CRM delivery

4. prototype

In this stage, I designed each screen according to the wireframes created which also helped to visualize the look and feel of the app. And you can see here some of the screens.

design for app and CRM delivery

5. test

design for app and CRM delivery


Indeed, the acquired and practiced skills can help me in projects similar to this one. We have a lot to learn from our customers to make better products. And teamwork is what brings long-term results.

It is vital to consider the customer’s pain point when making a product, whether physical or online.

Feel free to share or like if you like my project. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more or work on similar projects.


App Design, UX UI Design, CMS Design, User Research & Flow

Food Delivery, Restaurant management, Deliverer app

Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Affinity Design, Miro

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