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Pinno app

This is an application for pizza lovers.

Pinno aims to make the interaction as easy and fun as possible. No flashes of colors to tire you, products that look good, and cute ingredients in the design. A shopping basket in 2 simple steps followed by order confirmation is always rewarded.


Doing something as simple as possible is the most challenging process. That is why it is crucial to choose the most important functionalities.

I tried to solve the problem of making an application as simple and interactive as possible.

The most critical step is to test the prototype and find the functionalities that offer a fun experience on the application.

I considered that the most important pages are: the homepage-up, product detail, and the shopping cart. Everything that is not so important can be hidden in the menu.


  • Research on app interactions that make the process simple and fun, which can also be used in other e-commerce and delivery application projects.
  • Delivery application design can help me in the future and in other projects in the same niche.

  • Creation of a set of icons suitable for a delivery application.

  • I used my creativity, problem-solving, communication, design thinking, user research, and app design skills.



The first step is to conduct research and analysis to understand the target audience, their needs, and what they are looking for in a meal management app. I did this through surveys and market analysis.

Also, to understand and create personas, I analyzed the other competitors (how their applications look, what reviews they received in the Play Store, the main complaints about it, and what we could improve compared to the competition).

So, I created 2 main personas.


Based on the research, define the key features and functionalities that the app should offer. These might include meal planning, recipe suggestions, grocery list creation, calorie tracking, and more.

The list of functionalities:

  • Customization options: allow users to customize their pizzas with various toppings, crusts, sauces, and cheese options.
  • User profiles: The app provides a user profile feature that saves users’ preferences and past orders for quick and easy ordering.
  • Location-based services: detect the user’s location and provide nearby pizza delivery options.
  • Real-time tracking: monitoring the order status, including order confirmation, preparation, delivery, and estimated delivery time.
  • Payment options: provide various payment options, including credit cards, online payment systems, and cash on delivery.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs: offer loyalty and rewards programs to incentivize repeat orders and customer retention.
  • Customer support: customer support options, email, or phone support, to handle any issues or concerns.


Prototyping allows you to test the functionality and usability of the app before moving on to the design phase. I created this in Figma.


Using the wireframes and prototypes as a guide, create the user interface (UI) design. This involves choosing color schemes, typography, icons, and other visual elements that will make up the app’s overall look and feel.


Once the UI design is complete, I conduct user testing to ensure that the app is easy to use and meets the needs of the target audience. User testing can be done through in-person testing, remote testing, or usability testing software. I choosed remote testing.


Based on the feedback from user testing, feedback from clients and my team I did the changes to the design.


Finally, I hand off the design specifications to the development team.. Collaboration between designers and developers is crucial to ensure that the app is built according to the design specifications and meets the needs of the target audience.


Indeed, the acquired and practiced skills can help me in projects similar to this one. We have a lot to learn from our customers to make better products. And teamwork is what brings long-term results.

It is vital to consider the customer’s pain point when making a product, whether physical or online.

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