Hi, I’m Andreea

I design digital products, responsive websites, and apps for startups, brands, and entrepreneurs with cool projects.

About me

I have a unique perspective as a UI/UX Designer, combining my design skills with a deep understanding of psychology and content creation.

This allows me to create visually engaging, user-friendly, and emotionally resonant experiences that make a meaningful impact in the world of design. Not only do I excel in core UI/UX design principles, but I have also expanded my skill set to include UX writing, animation, video editing, and creating micro-interactions that enhance the usability and overall experience of using a product.

In the bustling world of client collaboration, I embarked on a mission to assist and transform the fortunes of those I worked with. My career led me to cross paths with incredible organizations, where I wielded my skills to growth and prosperity. 


Latest Works

The design adds value to your brand.

Work with me!

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What I can do?

how I give life to projects.

App & Web Design

Based on research I make recommendations for UI UX Design (low and high-fidelity design that follows the user flow)


Creative Content

I can help you with Illustrations, Iconography, micro-interactions animations, and video editing according to your brand for your website or app.

Research, Audit & Test

I can help you with Audits for redesign, UX Wireframing, Product Strategy, Usability Testing, and Audience and Competition Research.

Latest Posts

Only by sharing do we become better.

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Writing, courses, products & events

what can you learn from me?

Social Media Template

Do you want to promote yourself on social media but don’t have ideas for content?  Use this template.


WorkBook - Brand for Success

You can order the book I write from Amazon or Gumroad. The book can help you create your own brand.

Course - Create your Brand

Learn to create your Brand and what is the difference from business and personal brand.